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The data inserted on the Magis Rent website and upon signing the Rental Agreement shall be processed strictly for the purposes specified in this policy and in the Cookie Policy, in accordance with the provisions of Italian Decree-Law no. 196 issued on June 30th 2003 (“Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali” - code for the protection of personal data, hereinafter also referred to as the “Code”). “Personal data” refers to all information related to the physical person, identified or identifiable, even indirectly, by means of any other information, possibly including a personal identification number. “Processing” refers to any operation or set of operations carried out – even without the aid of electronic devices – for the collection, recording, organization, storage, consultation, calculation, change, selection, extrapolation, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, circulation, erasure, or destruction of the data, even should it not be recorded in a database. The interested party shall be requested consent to certain types of data processing.

This policy, issued in accordance with Article 13 of Decree-Law no. 196 issued on June 30th 2003, relates to processing carried out by Magis Rent S.r.l. of Your data, collected upon booking a vehicle through the related website, booking through call center, or stipulation of the Rental Agreement for the vehicles, and subsequently in the process of performing the contract itself. The data collected shall be subject to processing in accordance with the above-specified legislation and the confidentiality that characterizes Magis Rent S.r.l. operations. Processing shall occur by means of physical or electronic collection of personal data and the subsequent insertion of such data in the Magis Rent S.r.l. electronic database, equipped with an information security system and stored in a protected environment with access limited to the authorized personnel. The processing entails communication of all or part of the data to third parties, and in particular subsidiary companies and external companies assigned such task – functionally to and within the limits of the role played in management of the service offered and/or the contract undersigned, including activities necessary to the minimization of insolvency or fraud risk – as well as banking institutions or credit card companies specified by yourself for payment of the sums due. The personal data provided upon booking of the services offered and/or upon undersigning of the Rental Agreement may be subject to transfer to foreign countries, in particular upon your specific request for a service to be performed in a foreign country, or following your travel abroad. The processing type we intend to perform thus has the following purposes: fulfillment of obligations of the Rental Agreement as well as the provision of services supplementary or in any case related to the performance of the contract; management of payments (as well as credit card details) in accordance with the General Rental Terms and Conditions; fulfillment of legal, accounting, tax, and contractual obligations related to the services requested; management of relationships with authorities and public institutions, in case of specific operations (i.e. the re-notification to the actual offender of the traffic laws). The transfer of personal data for the aforementioned purposes is compulsory, and failure to transfer such data or failure to consent its processing – including consent by other drivers – shall prevent Magis Rent S.r.l. from executing the booking process and/or the aforementioned Agreement. It is our intention to periodically send Customers – also through authorized third party suppliers: informative and advertisement material; invitations to events; and information concerning promotional campaigns, also created in cooperation with other companies working in the transportation and leisure/business travel. We shall also send Customers questionnaires to know their opinions on transportation-related topics and the quality of our services, as well as their level of satisfaction, in order to improve our relationship with the customer base and in the scope of providing an increasingly better service. The mentioned communications may also be transmitted through the use of automatic/electronic tools such as e-mail, fax, SMS, or MMS. Consent to data processing for the aforementioned marketing and advertising purposes is optional and distinguished from so-called “traditional” electronic/IT purposes. As the interested party, you shall have the power and right – at any time – to communicate to Magis Rent S.r.l. your decision to object processing of its personal data for the aforementioned purposes and/or to withdraw consent at no cost and without procedural formalities simply by means of sending an e-mail to the address, notwithstanding your right to object partially to data processing, as specified in Article 7, paragraph 4, of the Code. In this case, the interested party not intending to give consent within the aforementioned terms, or intending to partially withdraw it, may express the eventual intent to receive communications for the aforementioned marketing purposes exclusively by means of traditional channels, where existing, or informing us of a preferred method among the ones used simply by sending us – at no cost and without procedural formalities – an e-mail to the address Upon receiving such request, Magis Rent S.r.l. shall promptly remove and erase the data from the databases used for processing to pursue marketing and advertising purposes, and inform – for the same purposes of erasure – other third parties to which the data may have been communicated. Upon browsing the Magis Rent S.r.l. website, data is collected by means of files called “cookies”. Consent to such specific processing is also optional, and to find out more or deny such processing, we invite you to read the related policy available on the website. For all forms of processing, we invite you – upon reading and understanding the related policy – to tick each specific box on the form/booking platform and/or the Rental Agreement and/or the related banner on the website, should you intend to allow processing of your data for the specific purposes indicated each time. We hereby confirm that the acquisition of consent to personal data processing is not compulsory for all above-specified types of processing which are in any case not related and/or necessary to satisfy legal obligations or regulations – including EU obligations – or to fulfill obligations resulting from a contract which you are involved in and to fulfill – prior to its termination – your specific requests. We hereby remind you that, as the interested party, you may exercise – upon sending an e-mail to – all the rights specified in Article 7 of the Code listed as follows: 1. The interested party has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or non-existence of its personal data – even if not yet recorded – and be given communication of the data in an intelligible format; 2. The interested party has the right to obtain an indication of (a) the origin of the personal data, (b) the purposes and methods of processing, (c) the logic applied in case of processing through the use of electronic devices, (d) the details of the Data Controller, the eventual Data Supervisors, as well as the person designated in accordance with Article 5, paragraph 2 of the Code, (e) the persons or categories of persons to which the data may be communicated in the capacity as representatives designated, in charge, or authorized within the Country; 3. The interested party has the right to be granted (a) the update, correction, or – upon request – integration of the data, (b) the cancellation, transformation to an anonymous form, or blocking of the data processed that may represent a breach in the law, including the data which shall not be necessarily stored to achieve the purposes of its collection or subsequent processing, (c) to be granted the confirmation that operations a and b – including their content – have been made known to those whose data have been communicated or disclosed, unless such fulfillment proves to be impossible or implies a deployment of resources that is clearly disproportionate to the right safeguarded; 4. The interested party has the right to oppose, for legitimate reasons, processing – in full or in part (a) of personal data concerning it, even if relevant to the purpose of collection, (b) to processing of personal data concerning it for the purposes of sending advertising material, direct marketing, or to perform market research or send marketing communications.









The Customer, and any other eventual users of the vehicle (hereinafter referred to as the “Interested Party”) are hereby informed that – for safety reasons – certain vehicles may be geolocated by means of GPS devices – supplied by a third party – for the purposes listed in the SAFEGUARD AND OPERATIONAL USE section, and in accordance with the methods described in the PERSONAL DATA CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY section.

The Customer shall inform any eventual Interested Party of the terms of this agreement, and – in particular – of the personal data collected, the purposes of collection, and its rights on the matter. Therefore, as of now, the information transmitted in this document to the Customer shall also be considered automatically transmitted – by the Customer him/her/itself – to the Interested Party.

The said devices may record, by way of example:

the location of the vehicle and the related map, to be used in case of theft, robbery, or embezzlement;

data concerning speed and acceleration in case of accident reporting;

statistical data concerning travel time.

The managers of the database/s in which such data is stored are specialized external companies, purposely designated as Data Supervisors by the renting agency (hereinafter referred to as “Agency”), whose credentials are available upon sending a specific request to Agency at

The data is stored in the database/s for a maximum of 1 year following termination of the contract with the Customer, after which they shall be automatically erased.

The methods of data transmission and storage are designed to guarantee safety and inaccessibility by third parties: the data shall be made available to Agency only, strictly within the limits necessary for the safeguard of itself and its vehicles, thus in case of theft, failure to return the vehicle, objection to charges related to accidents, or unexpected events.


The Customer agrees to processing of its data and the data of the user of the vehicle – having been previously informed of such – in accordance with the methods described in the PERSONAL DATA CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY section.

In particular, the Customer agrees that Agency may use his/her/its personal data to safeguard the legitimate interests of the latter, including credit control, protection and safeguard of its assets, and anonymous statistical research. This may imply the sharing of Customer data with third party entities such as judicial authorities, insurance companies, law firms, or debt collectors appointed by Agency to provide assistance in debt collection procedures and eventual procedures for recovery of assets subject to possible fraud.

Agency shall not access the data independently in cases different to the above-specified and beyond the consultation methods established.

The names of Customers/Interested parties shall not be communicated or circulated to third parties in any instance, and the personal data of the Customers/Interested parties shall not be processed for marketing purposes in any instance, unless prior consent is specifically requested to the Customer. The consent for marketing purposes may be withdrawn by the Customer at any time, following the same procedure outlined in item (g) of the PERSONAL DATA CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY.



The Customer expressly authorizes Agency or other entities authorized to remotely monitor the use and/or movement of the vehicle rented – for the purposes of protecting Agency from the commission of crimes against it – by means of eventual satellite-based geolocation systems, as described in the VEHICLE GEOLOCATION AND STORAGE OF THE DATA section.

For the purposes of this policy, the Data Controller – upon undersigning of a Rental Agreement – shall be Magis Rent S.r.l., along with its licensees/subsidiaries eventually indicated in the Rental Agreement itself.

Moreover, in accordance with Section 2 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council (hereinafter, “Regulation”), it is specified that:

the data provided by the Customer and recorded by anti-theft GPS devices for the purposes of termination and throughout the contract shall remain stored throughout the duration of the contract and for a maximum of 1 year following termination of the contract at Agency’s premises or at the premises of the aforementioned database managers, for the following purposes: recording, processing, documentation, performance of regular marketing activity, filing, etc.;

giving consent to data processing necessary to service performance is compulsory for the purposes of agreeing this contract;

denied consent to data processing necessary to service performance shall prevent the agreement of this contract and the existence of the subsequent relationship;

data processing shall occur in-house for the activities identified in the SAFEGUARD AND OPERATIONAL USE section, and in accordance with the following statement: Agency reserves the right to communicate the data to companies belonging to its group – including associate and/or subsidiary companies – as well as its parent companies, consultants, institutions, and/or partners with which it has agreed commercial agreements for the rental of vehicles, or other services related to the rental of vehicles;

in case of non-fulfillment of the contract, the Customer’s personal data may be transferred to third parties for debt collection purposes (limited to the data necessary to achieve such purposes).

the Customer also gives consent – in case the rented vehicle is equipped with anti-theft GPS devices or remote monitoring systems – to processing of data related to the location of the vehicle in space, and the communication of such data to the parties appointed by Agency to recover the vehicle in case of theft, embezzlement, or other offence.

The Customer and the Interested Party may avail themselves of the rights established in articles 15 and 22 of the Regulation, and in particular:

To access data concerning it, know the purposes of its collection, and lodge a complaint to the Supervisory Authority;

To rectify incorrect data;

To the right of erasing the data should the conditions for lawful processing no longer exist, or upon termination of the contract;

To the right to portability of their data to other platforms.


The rights listed in the previous item (f) may be requested to Agency at any time upon sending a letter by registered mail to Magis Rent S.r.l., 4 Via di Porta Pinciana, 00187, Rome (Italy), or an e-mail to, upon proof of being entitled to make such request.

For further information concerning how Customer data is processed, please consult Agency’s general privacy policy available on the latter’s website.