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StylishRent is a short and medium term premium car rental brand operating throughout Italy; the brand is owned by Magis Rent S.r.l., a company founded by Luca Maggiore, a member of the historic family that started car rental in Italy in 1947 with the Maggiore Group.

Luca, after his studies and an experience outside the family business, joined Maggiore Rent in 2000, holding positions of increasingly high responsibility, up to covering top-level management positions. Following the sale of the Maggiore Group in 2015 and after the non-competition agreement period has expired, Luca, following his experience, decides to create a new car rental company by introducing an innovative level of service with the aim of to give the customer a "premium experience".

Such as?

  • With delivery and recovery of the car where the customer wants, 7 days on 7 24h;
  • With a fleet of medium and high range;
  • With full optional and well powered vehicles;
  • Guaranteeing the model and version that the customer has chosen;
  • Equipping all vehicles with thermal tires during the winter period.

Be the reference premium car rental company in providing customized and innovative car rental services. Prestigious cars and high quality service to transform every rental need into a "premium experience", with maximum comfort and extreme elegance.


StylishRent, thanks to the specific knowledge acquired by its founder Luca Maggiore, has decided to present itself on the market through a modern and dynamic service of rent a car premium, entirely “tailor made”. Identity, personality, prestige, desirability and uniqueness are the key words that set the overall strategic value of StylishRent.